Mascot for 2013 Africa Cup of Nations

Mascot of Afcon 2013, Takuma.

The local organizing committee asked the soccer lovers of the five host cities to choose the mascot which would best reflect the nature and spirit of the game.

The department of basic education held competition for the schools of about 300 in numbers. Of 80 drawings for the Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Mascot, 12 drawings were shortlisted and the adjudication panel chose three out of 12. Of the three drawings,

Takuma was chosen officially as the Mascot of Africa Cup of Nations this year. Takuma, a hippo with yellow sportswear was designed by a 13 year old primary school kid named Tumelo and he received many prizes for his drawing.

He won an art kit, football equipments and netball equipments for the school, uniform voucher, VIP tickets and grocery vouchers. Takuma was declared as the Mascot for AFCON 2013 in October to the media by the officials of sports ministry. Also it is decided that this African Cup Mascot will remain the mascot for all the sports.

The mascot that bagged the second place which was sketched by Shingo would be used to represent all sport activities in schools and the third mascot by Hagozonke would be used for representing or for promoting drug free spirit.

Mascot for 2013 Africa Cup of Nations