Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Teams

Group A: South Africa , Angola , Morocco , Cape Verde

Group B: Ghana , Mali , Niger , Congo DR

Group C: Zambia , Nigeria , Burkina Faso , Ethiopia

Group D: Côte d'Ivoire , Tunisia , Algeria , Togo

There are about 16 teams that are a part of Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Teams. The Africa Cup of Nations Teams are Ghana, Congo, Mali, Niger, Zambia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Burkino Faso, Ivory coast, Togo, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Angola, Morocco and Cape Verde.

One can find that South Africa Team, Morocco Team, Angola Team and Cape Verde Team belong to the Group A zone. Ghana Team, Mali Team, Niger Team and Congo DR Team belong to the group B category.

Zambia Team, Nigeria Team, Burkina Faso Team
and Ethiopia Team belong to the group C category. Cote d'Ivoire Team, Tunisia Team, Togo Team and Algeria Team belong to the group D zone. These teams of various zones comprises of some of the best players representing each team.

African Football Teams
would play about thirty two games in this soccer season. These African Soccer Teams are equipped with good guidance of expert coach and trainers.

Some of the teams that are not playing the Africa Football are Somalia, Swaziland, Mauritius, Mauritania, Eritrea, Djibouti and Comoros Islands. This entire list of Football Teams does not enter the qualifying round of the AFCON cup 2013 that is held at South Africa, this year.

Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Teams