Stade de Franceville Stadium (Franceville City)

Franceville or Masuku is one of the four largest cities in Gabon, with a population of around 22,000 people. It lies on the River Mpassa and at the end of the Trans-Gabon Railway and the N3 road. It grew from a village named Masuku when Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza chose it to resettle former slaves and renamed it "Francheville" (meaning "city of the freed" in French) in 1880. The city later came to be called Franceville.

The substructure of Franceville is completely of greater standard compared to the remainder of the country, presumptively with thanks to the city's importance.

There are numerous of hotels of which generally the right acknowledged is the Hotel Poubara, dismissing the president's celebration home.

Franceville additionally has numerous waterfalls, of which specific the extremely recognized is the Poubara Falls, that is co-located alongside a hydroelectric establish, which delivers the community with consistent electricity. President of Gabon Omar Bongo had been ensconced in Franceville on June 18, 2009.

The Stade de Franceville is considered to be a ground being built in Franceville, Gabon before August 2011. It is prepared to be played with in August 2011 and also hosting programs throughout the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations with the capacity of holding 35,000 peoples.

Usually the geomorphologic arrangement to assistance the poll cover was tailored by Serbian designer Amiga.