Schedule for 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

AFCON 2012 is going to be kept on the 22-day time period in the starting complement towards the finals. You will see 6 match-free times in-between, which means, you will see sixteen complement times of football matches. Typically, you will see 2 fits every day upon those times. Just about all fits is going to be televised on SuperSport four. Observe the transmit routine with regard to particulars.

This particular works for many years and event calls for sixteen groups: Ghana, Off white Coastline, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Cameroon, Angola, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Namibia, Zambia, Morocco, Tunisia, Benin as well as Southern The african continent.If you are within European countries a person will be able to observe tournament on the main TELEVISION system; the actual BBC offers total protection of all of the fits.

In america as well as North america there are several TELEVISION stations that provide protection from the African nation cup associated with Countries. 3A Telesud , TV5 and Jump.TV . Check out the details of the programming on Live SoccerTV . If you have prepared your own day at the Western African continent, be sure you tend to be completely set aside at the resorts simply because they will be stuffed in order to capability.

Listed here are the actual fittings for that 2012 Gabon compiling with Equatorial Guinea, the orange African nation trophy associated with Countries. The actual sixteen competent groups is going to be attracted in to 4 categories of 4 along with fits within organizations the happening of first two group A & B within Bata as well as Malabo within Equatorial Guinea whilst C as well as D group teams may perform within Libreville and Franceville correspondingly.

Match Schedule for 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

Sno. Matches Groups Date Time Venue
1GUINEA EQ. vs. LIBYAA21-01-201219H:30Bata
2SENEGAL vs. ZAMBIAA21-01-201222H:00Bata
3COTE D'IVOIRE vs. SUDANB22-01-201217H:00Malabo
4BURKINA FASO vs. ANGOLAB22-01-201220H:00Malabo
5GABON vs. NIGERC23-01-201217H:00Libreville
6MOROCCO vs. TUNISIAC23-01-201220H:00Libreville
7GHANA vs. BOTSWANAD24-01-201217H:00Franceville
8MALI vs. GUINEAD24-01-201220H:00Franceville
9LIBYA vs. ZAMBIAA25-01-201217H:00Bata
10GUINEA EQ. vs. SENEGALA25-01-201220H:00Bata
11SUDAN vs. ANGOLAB26-01-201217H:00Malabo
12COTE D'IVOIRE vs. BURKINA FASOB26-01-201220H:00Malabo
13NIGER vs. TUNISIAC27-01-201217H:00Libreville
14GABON vs. MOROCCOC27-01-201220H:00Libreville
15BOTSWANA vs. GUINEAD28-01-201217H:00Franceville
16GHANA vs. MALID28-01-201220H:00Franceville
17GUINEA EQ. vs. ZAMBIAA29-01-201219H:00Malabo
18LIBYA vs. SENEGALA29-01-201219H:00Bata
19SUDAN vs. BURKINA FASOB30-01-201219H:00Bata
20COTE D'IVOIRE vs. ANGOLAB30-01-201219H:00Malabo
21GABON vs. TUNISIAC31-01-201219H:00Franceville
22NIGER vs. MOROCCOC31-01-201219H:00Libreville
23BOTSWANA vs. MALID01-02-201219H:00Libreville
24GHANA vs. GUINEAD01-02-201219H:00Franceville
25 Zambia vs. Sudan   04/02/2012 17H:00 Bata
26 Cote d'Ivoire vs. Equatorial Guinea   04/02/2012 20H:00 Malabo
27 Gabon vs. Mali   05/02/2012 17H:00 Libreville
28 Ghana vs. Tunisia   05/02/2012 20H:00 Franceville
29 Zambia vs Ghana   08/02/2012 17H:00 Bata
30 Mali vs Cote d'Ivoire   08/02/2012 17H:00 Libreville
31 Ghana vs. Mali   11/02/2012 20H:00 Malabo
32 Zambia v Cote d'Ivoire   12/02/2012 20H:00 Libreville