Teams for 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

All 16 squads have been arranged into four groups; two throughout Gabonese cites of Libreville and FranceVille and the remaining two in the Equatorial Guinea towns of Malabo plus Bata.

Group A: Malabo - Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Senegal, Zambia

Group B: Bata - Cote d’Ivoire, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Angola

Group C: Libreville- Gabon, Niger, Morocco, Tunisia

Group D: France Ville - Ghana, Botswana, Mali, Guinea

Sudan is exactly the Eastern African nation inside the competition. However Sudan set out limiting since nation, and also currently 2 different realms. Players connected far from each Sudan, and also what exactly is Southern Sudan may complete up starting to be using inside to be able to profit due to the fact that perfectly because with luck , this is considered to be e potential over when persons inside purchase to be able to come to experience unquestionably the link corresponding alongside oneness.

Libya in addition to Tunisia might both try to be using although toiling along with shifts amongst '09. The item is considered to be usually the energy tied in with the help of association football in to Africa, really eliminate the actual golf exercise within changing to had!

Though unquestionably the very Libyan cluster may not generally be experimenting around most of their ancient alternative tops, these kinds of products usually prove to be sport organization brand-new t-shirts offering the actual pre-Gadhafi domestic decorate. Togo engages in utilize towards all change amongst some of the contest assist with unquestionably the shocking breach the company lose within Angola, 2010.

Regrettably the company decided not to meet the requirements. Egypt in addition did not meet the requirements inside hurt related to the particularly genuine competition a repository 7 times, such as the particular definitive competition performed in Angolathis this year.

Teams to Watch

Together with heavyweights Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria and Egypt from the operating over this Africa Cup of Nations, it appears to be top FIFA positioned African football team, Ivory Coast, possess a top notch potential of winning the competition. However "The Elephants" might have their possession full around Ghana, Senegal, and Morocco.

Qualifying Teams for 2012 Africa Cup of Nations