Donbass Arena Stadium (Donetsk City)

Donbas Arena or Donbass Arena (Ukrainian: Донбас Арена) is an accomplished arena by way of a purely natural lawn dig in Donetsk, Ukraine which opened up about twenty nine July '09. The power is found the midst of the town, within the Lenin Comsomol recreation area.

By way of an ability associated with 52,518 visitors, the particular Arena hosting companies FC Shakhtar Donetsk fits and could web host a couple fits inside Dinar 2012. It also includes the most popular nightlife places inside Donetsk.

The original believed value of the particular task ended up being UNITED STATES DOLLAR 250m. UNITED STATES DOLLAR 30m happens to be invested in Build a leisure recreation area to your Arena. The last value of the particular task may extend to UNITED STATES DOLLAR 400m.


As soon as separated into 2 unique pieces -- the commercial southern and also home northern -- Donetsk has become get down inside easy-to-navigate Soviet grid design, with all the 10km vulytsya Artyoma separating eastern and also western. The stroll together it is the great place at the beginning discovering, you start with the particular Lenin Komsomol Recreation area due to Donbass Industry that boasts of stark socialist statues and also great sights associated with the oddly appealing terykony (slag lots).