Euro Cup 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremony

The UEFA Euro Cup 2012 is soon to arrive and everyone seems to be very excited to be a part of the opening and closing ceremonies either as a volunteer or at least as a spectator. Marco Balich would be anchoring the role of the Creative Director for the Opening and Closing ceremonies both.

The Opening Ceremony will be held on June 8 at the National Stadium in Warsaw (Poland). The Closing ceremony will take place on July 1 in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev. More than 800 volunteers are expected on to performing in the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

For those who wish to participate in these ceremonies if they are the citizens of the host countries, the recruitments for the Opening Ceremony are already over. However, the recruitments for the Closing Ceremony in Kiev are still in the way. The people who are 16 or more are eligible to participate in the Closing Ceremony either as the performers or behind-the-scenes volunteers. Please visit for participating as a volunteer for the Closing Ceremony.

In the otherwise situation, keep looking forward to this mega event of the European football and enjoy the best of the worlds of the cultures of Poland and Ukraine in the Opening and Closing ceremonies.