Euro Cup 2012 Schedule

The actual time is come up. Almost all football lovers, just 6 months prior to the curtain rises. Euphoria will transmigrate as the Euro 2012 hits at the doorway along with all of the pleasantries. The doorway is durable however it will intermit, shortly sufficient on June 8 in the event the globe welcomes Euro Cup 2012, an extremely expected competition after the WORLD CUP 2010.

The qualifying models are even so ended up and heretofore Germany and Spain has displayed superb class with no failures and victories in all of those qualifying games. Previous world Champs Italy are really in the quest too even though a couple of their games finished in a deadlock.

EURO 2012 Poland/Ukraine (countries) - The actual 16 top countries tackle off in a competition that acts as being "World Cup" of Europe. It additionally begins with a cluster phase prior to intensifying to the quarterfinals, semis and ending. The legit World Cup final is carrying showcased solely European countries within the past two tournaments, thus you are going to envision the best countries in the arena fighting for esteem and federal pleasure.

This season Germany will peek accurate avenge from the Spanish for their past 2 whip and want that historical past wouldn’t perform also. Spain, insanely, glimpse to remain their triumphant move alive if there is confrontation between the leaders. One might anticipate the Turks to devised last moment magic. If that occurs the adventure might be enhanced to a complete new specifications. Other nations who are unsuccessful to be able to do effectively last season should look ahead to conceal their emotions from the embarrassment and boost the competition with a greater abilities.

UEFA authorized the schedule related to UEFA Euro 2012 in Minsk, Belarus on to October 4, 2010.

Poland is set in UTC+2.
Ukraine is actually one hour frontward in UTC+3 (EEST), thus their surrounding kick-off instances are 19:00 and 21:45 relatively.

Match Schedule for Euro Cup 2012

Sno. Matches Groups Date Time Venue
32 Spain vs Italy   01/07/2012 21:45 Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, Kyiv
29 Portugal vs Spain   27/06/2012 21:45 Donbass Arena, Donetsk
30 Germany vs Italy   28/06/2012 21:45 National Stadium, Warsaw
25 Czech Republic vs Portugal   21/06/2012 21:45 National Stadium, Warsaw
26 Germany vs Greece   22/06/2012 21:45 PGE Arena Gdańsk, Gdańsk
27 Spain vs France   23/06/2012 21:45 Donbass Arena, Donetsk
28 England vs Italy   24/06/2012 21:45 Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, Kyiv
1 Poland vs. Greece A 08-06-2012 19:00 National Stadium,
2 Russia vs. Czech Republic A 08-06-2012 21:45 City Stadium, Wrocław
3 Netherlands vs. Denmark B 09-06-2012 19:00 Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv
4 Germany vs. Portugal B 09-06-2012 21:45 Lviv New Stadium, Lviv
5 Spain vs. Italy C 10-06-2012 19:00 PGE Arena Gdańsk, Gdańsk
6 Republic of Ireland vs. Croatia C 10-06-2012 21:45 City Stadium, Poznań
7 France vs. England D 11-06-2012 19:00 Donbass Arena, Donetsk
8 Ukraine vs. Sweden D 11-06-2012 21:45 Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, Kyiv
9 Greece vs. Czech Republic A 12-06-2012 19:00 City Stadium, Wrocław
10 Poland vs. Russia A 12-06-2012 21:45 National Stadium, Warsaw
11 Denmark vs. Portugal B 13-06-2012 19:00 Lviv New Stadium, Lviv
12 Netherlands vs. Germany B 13-06-2012 21:45 Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv
13 Italy vs. Croatia C 14-06-2012 19:00 City Stadium, Poznań
14 Spain vs. Republic of Ireland C 14-06-2012 21:45 PGE Arena Gdańsk, Gdańsk
15 Sweden vs. England D 15-06-2012 19:00 Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, Kyiv
16 Ukraine vs. France D 15-06-2012 21:45 Donbass Arena, Donetsk
17 Czech Republic vs. Poland A 16-06-2012 21:45 City Stadium, Wrocław
18 Greece vs. Russia A 16-06-2012 21:45 National Stadium, Warsaw
19 Portugal vs. Netherland B 17-06-2012 21:45 Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv
20 Denmark vs. Germany B 17-06-2012 21:45 Lviv New Stadium, Lviv
21 Croatia vs. Spain C 18-06-2012 21:45 PGE Arena Gdańsk, Gdańsk
22 Italy vs. Republic of Ireland C 18-06-2012 21:45 City Stadium, Poznań
23 England vs. Ukraine D 19-06-2012 21:45 Donbass Arena, Donetsk
24 Sweden vs. France D 19-06-2012 21:45 Olimpiysky National Sports Complex, Kyiv

Euro Cup Final

Semi Finals

Quarter Finals